Purple Line

Thanks to the optimal conditions of exposure, inclination and altitude, it is possible to obtain structured wines with important alcoholic grades without ever losing the fruity tastes typical of Valpolicella, such as plum and cherry.

For the Amarone, we tried fermentation in wood to obtain elegant and unique spicy flavours.

For the review, we carried out pumping over on the pomace of the Amarone, which allowed us to obtain hints that recall the roots such as liquorice and ginger, making it a unique version of a historical product for Valpolicella.

For the superior, by experimenting with over-ripening, it was possible to obtain a versatile but at the same time full-bodied wine that allows it to be paired with meat-based first courses but also with the game meat and more complex second courses.

The classic Valpolicella is the main denomination that is not neglect in this line, the starting point for all the most characteristic aromas of Valpolicella such as black cherry, plum, cherry and morello cherry; creates a starting point, a common thread that leads these aromas to transform wine after wine following the line of denominations, then from the classic to the Amarone.

We chose purple and all its shades for this line because it reminds us of the colour of the grape, must and wine. These are all the shades of our work. We associated this colour with a meaning related to our story and our passion, trying to give more importance to the product till it can speak for itself.

The shades slowly grow towards darker colours to create the scale of the denominations and following the structure and intensity of the wines that gradually increase; by crossing the line, the products become more and more persistent, elegant and complex.