Valpolicella classico DOC superiore 2019 – Etichetta Viola


This wine comes from our vineyards in areas between the municipalities of San Pietro in Cariano and Fumane, in tufaceous and clayey territories.

The grapes used are: Corvina Veronese 65%, Corvinone 20%, Rondinella 10% and other autochthonous vines known already in the pre-Romanesque period 10%, cultivated with the Veronese pergola system. The harvest is done manually, from the first days of November, with an over-ripening observation in plan.

Soft pressing with 18 days maceration at a controlled temperature of 20 ° C with continuous pumping over. Aging takes place for 36 months in Slavonian oak barrels

At sight it has a bright ruby ​​red color, tannin present but soft and sweet, aromas of red fruit such as ripe cherry and plum with an aftertaste of spices and above all roots such as licorice and ginger. To be combined with white and red meats, fresh and aged cheeses.