This line includes all our offers of wine and rose wines that represent the flavours and tastes of the area of Lake Garda.

It’s an area very different from Valpolicella that is characterized by its mild climate, the mainly gravelly and sandy soil and by ventilation that allows to lower the humidity and therefore bring about an optimal ripening of the grapes.

Maceration is one of the main phases in the production process, especially for these wines. It deserves considerable attention as the skin-liquid contact determines the intensity of the final colour of the wine. Leaving a contact and exchange time means that there’s a release of anthocyanins accumulated in the peel that determines an increasingly intense colour (up to the ruby/violet reds we know). To obtain a rosé, it is necessary to leave the contact time-limited so that there is only a partial release of anthocyanins. Maintaining this colour is a very difficult part of the job. That’s why we work with fermentations in steel, at controlled temperatures and we pay lots of attention to the cleaning of materials and equipment in order to guarantee optimal stability of the product.

For this line, we wanted to use the green/teal colour that means perseverance and tenacity. This is how we see our rosé wines: tenacious because, despite being a type of wine that is relatively new on the Italian market, we see a lot of potential in these products that allow us to satisfy different palates and to match with many dishes from our kitchen and also open up to more international tastes and always trying to be discovered. And above all, we strongly believe in the area of Lake Garda, which manages to give unique aromas thanks to its terroir.