Blue Line

We have decided to associate blue with this line since it’s a colour that can be seen as something welcoming; we have always thought of it as a simple and more versatile product line but at the same time it’s not taken for granted or neglected.
We want to imagine them as products that even people who just got into the world of wine can start being interested in; a product approachable from everyone to discover all the shades about a rich and generous land.

Here we have respected the shades going from the lightest and youngest product, named Valpolicella Superiore, to the Amarone with gradually darker colour gradations.

In the purple line, we find unique products, the traditional denominations are taken to the extreme trying in each of these names to find a detail that makes it unique and inimitable, giving power and voice to the particularities that each year brings with it, almost like a wanting to scream at the world “I’m more than what you think!”

For the blue line we went back, like a whisper, something shyer, that with calm it let itself discover as something young, fresh and gentle, in accordance to stories and traditions as it once was.